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Bringing Pets

There are a few things to take into account when bringing pets to Canada. Canada is a member of the Pet Travel Scheme which allows pet carnivores (dogs, cats and ferrets) from any of the countries covered by the scheme to enter the country without quarantine provided they meet specified anti-rabies, blood sampling and anti-worm/anti-tick hygiene requirements.

To qualify for the scheme, the pet must:

  • be fitted with a microchip;
  • have been vaccinated against rabies at least once during the preceding three years;
  • be blood tested to check the effectiveness of the rabies vaccination;
  • be issued with an Official Pet Passport (or a Pet Travel Scheme Certificate).

Dogs and cats being brought into Canada from a rabies-free country, as officially recognised by Canada, can enter Canada if accompanied by a certificate issued by an official government veterinarian, which states that rabies has not existed in that country for the preceding six month period, and the animals have been in that country for the preceding six month period, or since birth if younger than six months.

Dogs and cats imported from the US must be accompanied by a veterinarian’s certificate showing that the pet has been vaccinated against rabies during the three years preceding shipment. In addition, pets need a Health Certificate not more than one week old stating that the animal is in good health and free from disease.

From all other countries, a certificate issued by a veterinarian of the National Veterinary Service should certify that the animal was vaccinated against rabies not less than 30 days or more than one year preceding shipment.

Dogs and cats from countries other than the US arriving without a certificate will be placed in quarantine for a 30-day period and vaccinated for rabies. Depending on country of origin, the Canadian authorities may allow the quarantine to take place in a designated area of the owner’s home.

Inspection fees of C$30 for the first animal, and C$5 for each additional animal, are payable for animals being imported into Canada from countries other than the United States.





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